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to your Montana Home or Business

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Studio Shed



Front Porch




Animal Shelter


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Sizes ...

10x10 10x12 10x14 10x16 10x18 10x20 

10x22 10x24

12x12 12x14 12x16

12x18 12x20 12x22

12x24 12x26 12x28

12x30 12x32 12x34

12x36 12x38 12x40

14x14 14x16 14x18

14x20 14x22 14x24

14x26 14x28 14x30

14x32 14x34 14x36

14x38 14x40

16x24 16x28 16X32

16x36 16x40

 12', 14' and 16' wides

are measured across

the eaves due to DOT regulations


If you see a shed you like, but want to add more options, remove an option, or move standard features, let us know. We can do it!

Three snow loads are available 40 PSF, 60 PSF and 140 PSF along with engineered plans.






 Old Hickory Side Porch ~ Lofted Barn or Utility Style


The Side Porch is stylish and practical and can be added to the Utility or Lofted Barn. It is available in 10', 12', 14' and 16' widths. Features for all Side Porch buildings include a 36" 9-lite door, 2-2'x3' windows, and a 4x8 foot side front porch.

 #90  This is a 12'x20' Utility with side porch on the right side

 #91   Another view, side porch is on the right side


 #92  Inside the 12'x20' Utility with side porch package


 #93  The end of a 12'x20' Utility with side porch package


 #94  This is a 12'x20' Utility with the porch on the left


 #95  This is a 12'x20' Utility with side porch package


 #96  A 12'x24' Lofted Barn with side porch package 


 #97   Another view, side porch on the left side



Lofted Barn with the Side Porch coming home !


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